Cultural fusion style

A bright, refreshing contemporary atmosphere is presented through the ingenious fusion between simple forms and colors, forming a living space which is warm and blissful. The family living room, dining and kitchen complement one another to compose a pleasant scenery. This is a family house for bringing together family relationships and weaving magnificent memories for parents and children.

Surface area Arrangement Promotional offer
Approx. 99.17m2 Bedroom x2 / Kitchen x1 / Living room x2
Bathroom x2 / Scenic balcony
+886 2 2552-7070

1F., No.209, Sec. 1, Civic Blvd., Taipei City, Taiwan
(In front of the Taipei Main Station, Taipei Bus Station, next to the driveway by MRT Y3 exit)
Service hotline at: +886 2 2552-7070.